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  Marketing Outsourced. In our hands we will manage the entire email marketing process for you. From your skinniest briefs, through design and delivery through to results, analysis and integration.
The best way to see what we can do for you is to sample our work. Subscribe and have a piping hot creative sample sent to you.  
email marketing is 2 things.
Proportionately they look like this.

Ingage provides a results driven creative and design service to help your business get, and keep, in touch with your contacts. This is the marketing.
Email only provides the delivery.

We love our designs. Our customers love our designs. You will love our designs. Yep... we pride ourselves on our design.

How your email campaign looks is now more important than ever. Inbox clutter is on the increase and if you want to make an impression and not get unsubscribed you have to be leading with your best foot forward.

Great design. Snappy message. Relevant Content. We do this really well.

maximise that 14 seconds

14 Seconds is all you have to get your point across. You’ve engaged your reader. They’ve downloaded images. Now, on average, you’ve got 14 Seconds to get your message across, to convert your reader to that call to action.

Forget the ideas of cramming all you have and everything you do into one long mailshot. Your wasting your time and your marketing opportunity..

So that they don’t become samey or boring we’ll plan your campaigns months in advance - selling a bit more at a time while delivering your current offer.

creative campaigns   targets, segments and A/B testing
We love to get involved with real campaign based projects supporting other online or offline activity. There’s nothing we enjoy more than getting involved with your creative process to delivery the email and online end of your marketing and advertising campaigns.  

You relationships are made up of may definable groups. We can help define groups to send different messages to each.

By A/B testing in this way you can see which message is working best for you. Before now, this kind of research was very expensive. Email has made A/B testing as this is called is a great way

we like driving      

Many businesses come to us after the wheels have fallen off their email-marketing-themseleves-wagon. Timed special offers or busy booking periods mean that your campaigns have to get out in time and on time.

With Ingage in the driving seat you’ll never miss your time frame. We’ll be sure the have the content we need to deliver your campaign to ensure the best results.
  list monitoring and growth

You should expect a 20% churn in your lists. That’s to say that 20% of the email addresses on your list will “fall off” each year. This is due to people changing jobs, Internet Service Providors or simply their email address.

We work with our full service customers to ensure that they are adding to their contact list quicker than the 20% that fall away. We help with your strategy to capture emails at all ends of your day to day business. 


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