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We don't make any apologies for being small. But - by jimminy - we could do with the extra hands!
Let your subscribers know what to expect from you and the benefits of signing up. For instance, subsribe here to lean the origination of "jiminy".
It also helps to tell people how often they will here from you and link to your privacy policy.
the team

We’ve 2 customer-facing idea-pitchers; 1 project manager and 2 uber-cool designers. None of us like the others ideas cos we didn’t think of them. And we’ve been known to squabble in meetings.

It’s possible that following our stellar growth we’ll start to hear things like “the personal touch has gone”, “that we’ve become too corporate” or “that our creativity has suffered”. We look forward to dealing with that then.

why neat is good
  1. We get to build great relationships
  2. We all share the same vision
  3. We have fun together
  4. We’ve only you to answer to
  5. We’re very lean
  6. We can keep our costs down
  7. Every idea counts
why it's (not so) bad
  1. We have a tendency to squabble openly
  2. We don’t have any very big clients
  3. We have to put in a lot of hours
  4. We never get to rest on our laurels.


Small, neat... and often perfectly formed.



20 East Essex Street, Templebar, Dublin 2
(01) 613 9878 | info@ingage.ie

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