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The internet is full of easy, effective and trendy ways to engage your audience. Social networks like Facebook, Bebo, even YouTube provide real opportunities to connect and engage your business like never before.
steps to successful social networking
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2. chill-out

Now... relax. They’re not going anywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Bebo et al are free. This means that they’re great value. It doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. Treat your social networking activity like you would any other marketing. As if it had a budget.

plan for success

Before you set out on any platform you should have a plan.

  1. Why will someone want to become your “fan”?
  2. What updates will your readers want to follow?
  3. Where is your audience?
  4. (where is your future audience)
  5. How will you feel if after 6 months you’ve only got 40 friends, 34 of which are employees?

Managing and maintaining your networks will take time and input. And this has to be factored in. Do you have the time? Could the time be better spent.

It’s likely that Facebook or Twitter on their own wont be enough for you. You’ll probably decide to be on two or more networking platforms.   Yet these platforms are essentially competing with one another for the same user.   Your strategy should ensure that you are aiming the right messages at the right audience while all the time doing your best to win them over as your own. 

where do we come in?

They offer terrific opportunities to inform, get feedback, win business and acquire new audiences.

They are separate systems that need to co-ordinate together. Twitter updates pointing to you tube videos; winning Facebook fans that subscribe to Email campaigns.

We’ll certainly make your Twitter page look great. We’ll help turn your existing contacts to followers. But we want to paint the bigger picture. 

Our goal is to ensure you capitalise from your relationships online. That casual followers are nurtured into loyal contacts and customers.

By capturing, at every opportunity, the details and opt-in from your network buddies you will build a huge permission asset allowing you to market to these people directly. (Even after they’ve forgotten their user-name and password).

If you see it this way... then we’re waiting outside.


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